We welcome students of all ages 3 years to 65+ years!

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Learn authentic Shaolin kung fu and tai chi from Shifu Lin, an 8th dan international wushu champion who trained and taught at the Shaolin Temple, China.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin kung fu is a highly athletic form of kung fu, combining the extraordinary power, strength and agility of its martial applications, with the sheer beauty, flow, and elegance of its forms. We teach fist and weapons, including 18 weapons and Bruce Lee nunchakus too!

Tai Chi

Tai chi is practiced primarily for spiritual cultivation and/or for its outstanding and well-documented health benefits. The gentle, flowing movements of tai chi help release mental and physical tension, increase vitality, focus the mind, improve circulation, foster spiritual awareness, and encourage inner peace. Learn more.

International Wushu Competition Forms

We teach the international wushu competition forms for those interested in competing in national and international competitions.


Don't take your safety for granted. Random acts of violence can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. Regardless of your strength, size, gender, and age - with knowledge of, and practice using, effective self-defense techniques, you can defend yourself from violent attackers.


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