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Kung Fu

All classes cover the principles and self-defense applications of kung fu and a combination of the following, depending on level:

  • Shaolin style fist and Shaolin weapons (straight sword, broad sword, staff, spear, 9-section chain whip, and Shaolin 18 weapons)
  • Southern style fist and weapons (sword and staff)
  • International wushu competition forms and weapons
  • Bruce Lee nunchucks

Tiny Kung Fu (age 3 - 5, 30 minutes)

This class helps little kids develop basic coordination skills, improve basic physical abilities, and learn simple Kung Fu techniques – all while having a lot of fun!

Little Kung Fu (age 5 - 7, 45 minutes)

This class teaches younger children fundamental Kung Fu techniques, forms, and basic weapons. The class is the same as the Kung Fu (age 8-adult) class, but with less focus on strength and endurance.

Kung Fu (age 8 - adult)

In this class, formal training focuses on correctness of Kung Fu techniques, self-defense applications, and strength, flexibility, and endurance training.

Kung Fu* (adult, 1 hour)

This class is the same as the Kung Fu (age 8-adult) class, but with less focus on jumping and tumbling techniques and greater focus on applications and self-defense.

Little Nunchakus (age 5 - 7, 45 minutes)

This class teaches younger children basic Bruce Lee nunchakus techniques.

Open (1 hour)

This an informal class for kung fu and tai chi participants of all ages who want to practice what they have learned and/or ask Shifu specific questions.

Wushu Team (2 hours)

This class is for select individuals who have demonstrated both ability and dedication in Kung Fu. Commitment in attendance is required. Members are invited to enter competitions and demonstration events on the school’s behalf.

Tai Chi

The gentle, flowing movements of tai chi help release mental and physical tension, increase vitality, focus the mind, improve circulation, foster spiritual awareness and encourage inner peace. (Learn more about the health benefits of tai chi here.) We offer Chen and Yang style classes (barehand and sword).

  • Yang style tai chi has broad, open, soft and flowing movements. It is less physically demanding than Chen style tai chi.
  • Chen style tai chi combines soft, slow, flowing movements with low stances and sudden bursts of intense power (fajing).

Self-Defense Workshops

Learn to protect yourself in common, violent real-world situations! Regardless of your strength, size, gender, age - with knowledge of, and practice using, effective self-defense techniques, you can defend yourself from violent attackers.

Shifu Lin uses real-world scenarios to teach you how to:

  • Heighten your awareness, so that you can avoid or deflect violent situations
  • Use combat techniques that can help neutralize or redirect violent attacks

All techniques are grounded in the practice of Northern and Southern Shaolin kung fu, incorporating long fist, Lohan, Hungar, and animal forms such as Praying Mantis, Eagle, Tiger, and Dragon.

Private Lessons

Private lessons available by appointment.