National Traditional Team Trials July 9, 2016

We are very proud to announce that 10 of our athletes have each earned a spot on the USAWKF Traditional National Wushu Team! we’ve earned 12 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals! Congratulations for your fantastic achievements! Keep up the good work!

San Jose

U.S.Capital Wushu Championships March 11, 2016

Congratulations to our 19 competitors who brought home 49 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 11 bronze medals. Great job!

San Jose

2016 NJ International Wushu-Kung Fu Tournament

Congratulations to our competitors who competed in this past weekend’s tournament. Together, we’ve earned 22 gold, 11 silver and 7 bronze medals! We are so proud of your focus, hard work and achievements. Stay strong and never give up!!! We are the group champions!!!

San Jose

2015 National Traditional Team Trials

Congratulations to our 6 competitors who competed in the National Wushu Traditional Team trials in San Jose in July. Under Shifu Lin's training and guidance, they each won a spot on the National Traditional Team!!

San Jose

NJ International Wushu-Kung Fu Tournament 

Congratulations to all of our fine competitors, many of whom competed in their first ever kung fu tournament after having practiced kung fu for just a year. All of our young competitors handled the pressure and competition so well. And those who stumbled during their events made us just as proud as those who didn't, because rather than giving up or losing heart, they came back stronger and faster.

Performance at Crossroads Theatre

We were invited by Kings Academy of Dance Arts to participate in a celebration of Chinese culture and arts at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick. The performers did exceptionally well and impressed the audience with their speed, technique, and skill. We had a wonderful time! See video.

Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi demo

Asian-American Heritage Month Celebration

May 19, 2013. Many thanks to the demo team members who contributed to the success of our performance at the Asian-American Heritage Month Celebration! We are proud of your progress and dedication to Shaolin kung fu (and Chen style tai chi)!

Asian-American Heritage Month

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

Thank you to all who joined us at Watchung Lake on Sunday, April 28th for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day!

world tai chi & qigong day

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day is an annual event held at the end of April in over 70 countries to help promote the related disciplines of Tai Chi and Qigong.